Cardboard Car Costumes

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Looking for a unique and memorable Halloween costume? Turn your child (or yourself!) into your favorite vehicle! While it takes a little planning and creativity, you can easily create a DIY Car costume with some tape and cardboard (follow this tutorial from – How to Make a Box Car)

Image from – How to Make a Box Car

Add your own decorations and straps to hold the box-car over your shoulders, and create one of your favorite vehicles for Halloween! Here are our favorites:

  • Batmobile – This car can do it all, why wouldn’t you love it! Add a cape and batman mask for your little one, and they’ll be ready to fight crime with their trusty vehicle sidekick.
  • Cars – Whether you want to be Lightning McQueen, Mater, or Sally, decorate your box car to emulate your favorite Pixar cars character!
  • NASCAR – Throw on as many stickers as you can find to create your own sponsors for your NASCAR costume!
  • Mystery Machine – Join Scooby Doo and the gang with your own mystery solving van. All you need is  some blue, green, and orange paint… and don’t forget to bring along the dog!
  • Back to the Future – The classic Delorean that took Marty McFly across time can make your Halloween magical! Grab a red vest to complete the look.
  • VW Bus – Turn a boxy handmade car into a classic VW bus! Add your own flare with tie-dye, fun designs, and hand paint.
  • Mario kart – Are you a Luigi or Princess Peach? Pick your favorite character and color coordinated vehicle for a Mario Kart inspired costume!
  • Herbie – A little car with big personality! A few racing strips and a large “53” can turn a simple car into the classic Herbie.

What are your favorite cars or characters? We hope to see your Car inspired Halloween costumes this year! Stop by our shop in Grand Forks or share your pictures on our Facebook page.

To make sure your real vehicle is ready for Halloween festivities, stop by Golden Rule Auto Repair for a fall safety inspection. We’ll make sure you’re ready to go and your family is safe in a vehicle that can handle the unpredictable fall weather in Grand Forks. Stop by anytime, or schedule an appointment: (701) 746-6790.

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