Clearing Ice from the Windshield

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Winter is here, and temperatures are dropping in Grand Forks! On cold mornings, you’ve probably noticed a thin layer of ice on your windshield. This can be an annoying hassle as you leave to start your day… if scraping the ice away is taking too long, try these tips to speed up the process:

  • Turn on the Defroster. Getting your car warmed up and blowing warm air on the windshield can speed up the process by melting the ice (with the added bonus of heating the interior for you and your passengers). If your vehicle has a remote start option, take advantage of a head start. But don’t leave your car unattended, running with the keys in and doors unlocked makes it a prime target for car thieves.
  • Try a de-icer. These formulas can cut through ice quickly. Buy a commercial one or make your own by combining rubbing alcohol with dish soap in a spray bottle. These can help ice scrape away easier by starting the melting process.
  • Cover your windows overnight using a towel, sheet, or cardboard. The tighter the cover, the more effective it will be at preventing ice from getting in. Some scraping may still be necessary, but less ice should accumulate when your windows are protected.

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