Getting Unstuck in the Snow

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Stuck in the snow? Here’s our step-by-step guide to getting unstuck and back safely on the roads!

Step 1: Carry a shovel.

You can purchase a small, compact yet sturdy shovel to keep in your trunk. Many varieties can also fold to take up less room in the trunk. Having a shovel on hand can make a huge difference when you find yourself stuck in the snow.

Step 2: Dig.

Start with your front tire (or whichever is stuck). Take the shovel and dig down to the road. Clear out as much snow as you can. Shovel on both sides of the tire, front and back. Repeat for all four tires.

Step 3: Cat litter.

Pour some cat litter on the ground underneath the tire. Carry a bag in your trunk – even if you never get stuck, the extra weight can provide traction and stability on the road.

Step 4: Drive.

As you try to drive away, the gravel in the cat litter provides much needed traction to help you gain purchase on the road to get unstuck.

Step 5: Repeat.

If this trick doesn’t work, try again removing more snow and using more cat litter. If you’re very stuck, call AAA, a towing company, or a reliable and trusted auto repair shop like ours: (701) 746-6790.

All of us at Golden Rule Auto Repair want to keep you, your family, and your vehicle safe on the winter roads in Grand Forks. To make sure your vehicle is ready for unpredictable road conditions, keep a shovel and cat litter in your trunk and visit our auto repair shop for a winter safety check. Schedule an appointment online or call our team at (701) 746-6790.

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