The Things you Don’t Learn in Driver’s Ed

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Driver’s education teaches young people the rules of the road and driving a vehicle. But is that enough? What’s missing? Driver’s ed courses don’t teach young drivers everything they need to know about driving on the roads in Grand Forks.

Every vehicle is different.

The car your teen learns to drive on may not perform the same as the next vehicle they drive. While driver’s ed might teach them the difference between the brake pedal and the gas pedal, they won’t know the responsiveness of the pedals or how that translates to stopping on the road.

Some things, like the performance of individual vehicles, can’t be taught in a textbook – it requires real time behind the wheel to learn how different vehicles handle on the roads.

Maintenance matters.

Most drivers ed courses only skim the surface of car care, at best. Some don’t even mention it at all. Basic maintenance is not only important for keeping your car running smoothly, it can be critical to your safety on the roads!

Teens should learn about the preventative maintenance that every car needs, why it is important, and warning signs that something may be wrong with the vehicle.

At Golden Rule Auto Repair, we’re committed to educating our customers. Whether you’re a new driver, have a teenager learning to drive, or have been driving for years, our service advisors and technicians take the time to teach you about your vehicle and the services it needs. Only by knowing the condition of your vehicle and the repair options available can you make the best decision for yourself, your vehicle, and your family.

To schedule your next inspection with Golden Rule Auto Repair, call our team at 701-746-6790.

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