What is a Transmission Fluid Flush?

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Car maintenance requires much more than just oil changes. One of the more important car maintenance services is the transmission flush.

Your vehicle’s transmission is typically automatic or manual (clutch) and has a lot of moving parts. The transmission transfers the power from your engine to your wheels. Without it, your car would not drive. Transmission fluid is used as a lubricant in your transmission to keep all the parts moving fluidly and prevent damage from normal operation.

A transmission flush is something that every car should have periodically and the frequency is recommended in your owner’s manual. If you don’t have an owner’s manual, check in with the certified technicians at Golden Rule Auto Repair — we’ll look up this information for you and help you keep track of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

During a transmission flush one of our ASE-certified technicians drains all the old oil out of your transmission. We’ll then clean your transmission, using the latest equipment and cleaning solutions, to remove all contaminants and debris. Once all the grime and sludge is out, new transmission fluid is put in.

Sometimes you may only need a transmission fluid change. Instead of cleaning the system with a machine, a fluid change simply removes old fluid and puts new fluid in. With a transmission flush, you’re changing the fluid as well as remove the sludge and grime, which will help your new fluid and your transmission last longer and prevent damage from contaminants lingering in the system.

Since your transmission is one of the most important systems in your vehicle, we recommend periodic transmission flushes, according to your owner’s manual. This regular maintenance will prevent early transmission replacement and repair and keep your vehicle on the road longer!

For more information about transmission fluid flushes or proper maintenance, call our team at (701) 746-6790.

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